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door to door shipping
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About us

La Commerciale
is an Italian company specialized in door-to-door shipping with the aim of satisfying customer needs by reducing intermediary costs and risks associated with purchasing materials from abroad.

Customer requests are handled by our team, which organizes procurement, transportation, and delivery to the customer’s location, taking care of any necessary customs clearance without requiring upfront payments and ensuring the possibility of personalized payments based on the customer’s needs.



La Commerciale entered the thermal insulation market during the construction boom of recent years, managing to secure exclusive commercial agreements with various foreign manufacturers of EPS and XPS.


La Commerciale provides different types of packaging for your company, ranging from certified EPAL pallets to containers for food.


AdBlue is an additive developed for the chemical and automotive sectors, composed of a 32.5% high-purity aqueous urea solution. Through chemical reduction, it converts nitrogen oxides into elemental gaseous nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).

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La Commerciale s.r.l.s.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 48
26100 CREMONA (CR)